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Can contact lenses be used for presbyopia?

I have presbyopia and need to wear reading glasses for several years. Now i hate to wear framed eyeglasses and want to change,maybe contact lenses. Can contact lenses be used for reading because of presbyopia?
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  • Alexander david


    Yep, it's possible, but isn't convenient. The contact lenses are wearing in the eyes directly. It is helpful to correct eye vision and makeup. And the presbyopia is occurring with aging, so that the elder people couldn't see the nearby things clearly. Hence, they would wear bifocal lenses to help see the nearby things. That is to say, they can see the things far away clearly without the bifocal lenses. In general, there is few presbyopia people would wear contact lenses in daily life. If they do that, they have to take them off when looking far away. However, the contact lenses are directly touching the eyes so that it directly relates to the eyes' health. If you wear and take off the contact lenses frequently, elder people take a lot of time to do that as well as easier to get infection.
  • Ari


    Presbyopia contact lens is special type of contact lens that can be used instead of glasses for correction of near distance for patients with presbyopia. Bifocal contact lenses are now available in many soft and GP lens designs. Similar to bifocal eyeglasses, bifocal contacts have two prescriptive powers for distance and near vision. Multifocal contact lenses are also available with additional variations in power to correct near, intermediate, and far vision. Monovision is another contact lens option for correcting presbyopia, where one eye wears a near vision lens, and the other eye wears a distance vision lens. Your eyes automatically focus properly depending on the visual situation.
  • christ_band04


    Of course you can wear contacts instead of the framed glasses. There are two main types of contact lenses designed to treat presbyopia: varifocal contact lenses and monovision contact lenses. Varifocal contact lenses might be a good way for you to correct your presbyopia if you have naturally moist eyes. They might also be suitable if you have visual acuity in eyes, are able to focus both eyes simultaneously and no disease in your eyelids. Monovision is kind of problem using one eye for distance vision and the other eye for near vision. So you should know clearly that what kind of presbyopia you are and find which fits you better. But if you didn't have prescriptions before, you may difficult to adapt to the contact, and you need learn how to wear them and adapt your eyes to them. Hope everything is going to fine!

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