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What is the difference between asian eyes and caucasian eyes?

Is there any difference between asian eyes and caucasian eyes. Just difference in eye color?
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  • eden540


    Well, it seems that you are quite attracted by their difference. So, on average, Asian eyes are simply smaller, and the color is mostly black, or dark brown and people's pupil are smaller. On the contrary, Caucasian people have blue, green or brown eyes, which are the opposite of asian people, and their eyes appear to be wide, round and big. However, there are also similarities.
  • Cary Green


    The difference between the asian eyes and caucasian eyes is subtle. There exists the difference in the eye color. As we know, the asian people own the black eyes. And the caucasian people own the blue or brown eyes. And the caucasian eyes are more attractive which look more charming.

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