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Alexia charles


Does crisco help dark circles under eyes?

I heard that crisco can help dark circles under eyes? Is it real?
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  • charles


    Yes, the crisco will help dark circles under eyes. As we know, the dark circles under the eyes are usually caused by the lack of sleep, not good blood circulation and so on. If you sleep late at night because of some work or some things you have to worry, you will get high possibility to get the dark circles under the eyes. Or your unhealthy body situation will cause the bad blood circulation which will easily cause your dark circled under the eyes. However, the crisco will contain the special material which will make your skins absorbed and make the skin be smooth to some degree. You could have a try.
  • William clive


    Actually, it does work. The fat in Crisco gives the dark circle moisture and sucks it in, lighter the dark and giving a tighter, younger complexion. Moreover, if you adding some raw potato slices can give a nice cooling effect for it plus the potassium in it will get rid of the dark circles.
  • Christian scott


    Yes, crisco can help dark circles under eyes. This kind of oli has potential nutritions that can reduce dark circles under eyes. You can just dab a little on your eyes which will help. What's more, some people say it will also reduce the bag under eyes. Besides crisco can be used to remove makeup and moisturize extremely dry areas on your face and body.
  • b3st_deceptions


    Crisco is a brand of shortening which is the first shortening made of entirely vegetable oil. It is very popular in the United States. Now it refers to all shortenings. There are some people recommed to use the crisco for reduce dark circles under eyes. It indeed could be helpful to some extent. Because dehydration might lead to bags under eyes and make the dark circles more obvious, the crisco could moisturize the skin around eyes, which is especially useful for people with dry skin. If it is made of soybean oil, it can flash your skin. Applying the crisco with some tender massage, the effect would be better. Massage can help blood flow and circulation around eyes, help skin absorb nutritions and moisture, which can effectively reduce the discoloration under eyes. Some people recommond tea bag compress or cucumber slice mask, which works in the same way, through hydrateing the skin.