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Kaylee tuener


Why does ian hunter always wear sunglasses?

I noticed that ian hunter often wears sunglasses. Can you tell me why? Just for cool?
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  • steve


    he has weak eyes - they are medical lenses and cost a fortune - the reason i know - he's a mate
  • David


    In my opinion, ian hunter often wear sunglasses just for the looks. Sunglasses are just used to be as the accessories to improve the whole beauty of the look. Although they are often used to make the eyes protect from the uv rays and other bad lights, sunglasses are often used as the accessories for the cool looks. There are many types of sunglasses now in the market which you could take them for the reference.
  • Christian scott


    Every artist wants to be cool and symbolic, an hunter wants that too. He is cool with sunglasses for sure. By the way, I heard he was a crackhead, and then he needs sunglasses to cover her dizzy eyes. Actually, it doesn't matter he wear sunglasses or not. We are interested in his songs and performances. But we have to say, sunglasses do make him different from the others and be more attractive.
  • Marcelo Jorge


    As explained by Ian Hunter himself on an interview some years ago. ""I'm always intrigued," I tell Hunter, "by the question of whether performers who permanently wear shades do so out of shyness, or a desire to be noticed. The two aren't mutually exclusive, are they? There's a fine line between timidity and egotism." "Well, there's a lot of delusional people around," he replies. "That's one thing I have learnt. I started wearing dark glasses because I have extremely weak eyes. I can remember the moment. I was on a tram in Blackpool, on the seafront, squinting away. I thought: I have got to get a pair of shades %u2013 so I did. That was it. Because my eyes are weak and, as you can see, I am almost albino." The singer removes his glasses: the skin around his eyes is unusually pale and, it has to be said, he looks much better with his shades back on."