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How to know if you have glaucoma ?

I often hear that people around me talk about glaucoma. Is it a serious eye problem? How can i tell if someone gets glaucoma?
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  • Andrea


    Glaucoma is a kind of disease which will at any time lead to blindness. This common eye disease is so complicated at the feature. The intraocular pressure intermittent or persistent rise is more than the level of the eye can tolerate. The degree of each part to eyeball organization and visual function is damaged. The glaucoma will lead to a narrow field of vision, optic atrophy, decreased visual acuity, blindness and so on. You should take this eye problem into serious care. If you have the blurry eyes, high pressure at the eyes and you are above 40, you should be checked whether you get the glaucoma. Once you get the glaucoma, you'd better accept the treatment to cure it. Or else, it may cause the blindness which will be so serious.
  • Kyle kirk


    As we all know that glaucoma is a kind of eye disease which caused by the high pressure in our eyes. Maybe you will ose your vision because of the glaucoma. If you have some eye problem but you do not know if it is glaucoma, here I will tell you some easy way to get the answer. First of all, you can get a screening for glaucoma, which includes a tonometry, because the tonometry will help you with checking the pressure in your eyes. Besides, you can also examine the optic nerves within your eyes, because you know, if you get the glaucoma, the optic nerves in your eyes have been damaged. Meanwhile, the visual test will also help you to know if you the the glaucoma, because there is a test specifically designed for glaucoma. Of course, if you are still not sure whether you have the glaucoma, you had better go to the hospital to ask the pros. To check your eyes, and then they will tell you the result. Good Luck.