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Are deep set eyes ugly ?

What's your opinion on deep set eyes? Do you think deep set eyes ugly ?
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Answers (3)

  • Jade


    No matter deep set eyes or low set eyes, the best one is the most harmonious face with regular features. Most of the westerners have the deep set eyes and most of the easterners have the low set eyes. However, every nation has its own beauty and beauty standard. I think they are both beautiful if the person is healthy and every organs matching well. For the deep set eyes, the best advantage is it easy to make up for the angular shape of the eyes of the cosmetics, it is suitable on camera. This is a real special point of deep set eyes, hope you enjoy it!
  • Brandon evelyn


    I don't think the deep set eyes look ugly. If you do the makeup at the eyes, you will make the eyes look a little good. You could use the eye shadow and eye liners to make the deep set eyes look not that outstanding. You could even make the eyes look better through the makeup at the eyes.
  • Michelle percy


    Well, I quite understand how you feel about your eyes. So, as a matter of fact, deep set eyes are a little bit different from the rest. And thus, what you should do, is to pay a little more attention to what you wear, your hairstyle, and of course your makeup, which plays an important part in hiding your defects. Anyway, I think they are ok as long as you are careful with them. If you are really upset about them, you could try to take an plastic surgery.