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Luke oliver


Does sesame seed oil work for eye wrinkles ?

Can i use sesame seed oil to reduce eye wrinkles? Does it really help people with eye wrinkles?
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  • Trinity rose


    Yes, you can use the sesame seed oil to reduce your eye wrinkles. As we know, the eye wrinkles are caused by the friction between eye skins or the aging problems. If your body is weak at the immune system or you are too tired, it is possible for you to get the eye wrinkles. There are many roles of sesame seed oil. If you drink half a spoonful of sesame oil every night before and after the morning, it can treat your bronchitis and constipation. If you have the half spoon of sesame oil every day, you could reduce the symptoms, like periodontitis, halitosis, tonsillitis and gingival bleeding. The most important role is that eating sesame oil can control the atherosclerosis and anti-aging effect which has been researched before. The sesame seed oil is considered to have a resistance effect to promote the energy flow and help eliminate the toxin in the body. The sesame oil has powerful oxidation and anti inflammatory effect which can remove excess of free radicals and reduce oxidative damage. Thus it can help you reduce the eye wrinkles.
  • Miranda


    There have no short cut for you to reduce the eye wrinkles. You know the skin in your eyes is very subtle, tender and sensitive, so it needs the care look after. You may use make up or beauty surgery to hide wrinkles, but the skin care product must be the one without stimulation and natural. If you really want something to use, special eye cream will be recommended. The real pure plant and no additives skin cream is packed in sterile tiny packages. You need to be prudent to choose the products.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    Sesame seed oil is a natural and useful condiment. It is full of Vitamin E, it has lots of utilities, such as delaying senescence, protecting vascular, relieving a cough, etc. You can use it as a condiment, and if you insist eating it for a long time, your eye winkles would be reduced as well. Using it directly to the skin around your eyes is really not a good idea, the skin around your eyes is naturally thin and delicate, so that they cannot absorb the oil, and then there would be other problems.