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Are ray ban sunglasses good for narrow faces ?

I have a narrow face, can i wear ray ban sunglasses? Does rayban sunglasses compliment me?
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  • Shelby


    Yes, you could wear the ray ban sunglasses. You could choose the ray ban sunglasses with round lenses which will absolutely compliment you. There are many designs of the ray ban sunglasses. And the quality of the ray ban sunglasses is so good. You could go to the real store of the ray ban sunglasses to choose your suitable one.
  • Tyler


    It's true that ray-ban sunglasses are really big and round than other brands. Well, I think that ray-ban sunglasses are not so good for narrow face. Let's see that you wear a pair of sunglasses which covers 2/3 area. What's worse, if you have a low profile nose and big lips, then sunglasses just highlights your weak points that means people only can see your ugly nose and lips, not your fashionable sunglasses. However, it's not all so absolute. On the contrary, if you have a wonderful nose and sexy lips, ray-ban sunglasses must enhance your cool and hot appearance, especially your temperament. By the way, you should consider your face shape and skin color when you pick up sunglasses. Actually, on my view, if you think you’re nice, then you must be the nicest one. Just believe yourself!
  • walgru


    Ok, it seems that you have a narrow face. So, I should remind you that Ray ban produce some nice sports sunglasses, which make their lenses very large. And since your face is not big, you just need a pair of smaller sunglasses. Here i would like to recommend nerd sunglasses to you, those sunglasses could be compatible with your type of face. Also, you should pay attention to your haircut and what you wear. Good luck.

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