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Does lindsay lohan wear colored contacts?

Do you know if lindsay lohan wears colored contact lenses? If so, what type of contact lenses does she wear?
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  • Luis lewis


    Yes, lindsay lohan wears the colored contact lenses. It is the blue contact lenses that she wears which make her eyes look so attractive and charming. She looks so beautiful when she wears the colored contact lenses. If you like such color contact lenses, you could go to the online stores to have a look because of the suitable price and excellent quality.
  • miguel gaytan


    Lindsay Lohan does wear colored contact lenses, and they are cosmetic contact lenses. Those celebrities always wear colored cosmetic contact lenses to make the eye colors fit their makeup. I consider it as a good thing, because we can enjoy various beauty presented by them. However, ordinary people can do this too. If you want to wear colored contact lenses for beauty, you can purchase one online or offline.
  • craziblondi36


    As a matter of fact, lindsay lohan is one of the most beautiful girls in American movie department. So, her eyes are sea blue and they are beautiful. However, as you can see, sometimes she would choose to make a change and wear some colored contacts such as green eyes or grey ones, etc. Actually, the make of her contacts is just what we see on the market. And you could get a lot of them at Walmart online shopping site.