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Paige williams


Why do i get sore eyes after cycling?

I get sore eyes and i don't know what caused it. I just enjoyed cycling. So, i wonder if cycling causes sore eyes? Or what causes it?
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  • Isabel cook


    Your sore eyes may be caused by the eyes infection during the cycling process because of the wind or other stimulating things. You'd better wear the protected goggles to protect your eyes in the cycling. Once you get the sore eyes, you'd better use the eye drops to release the symptom to make you feel better. In addition, you could use the warm compress.
  • elmo01


    Please don't worries and it is normal! Some people's eyes feel sore after strenuous exercises, the reason just only be the higher blood pressure from the sports. You just would wait till 1 or 2 hours later, it will back to normal soon. However, there still have some other reason may cause the issue, some times your eyes will get inflammation with the conjunctivitis, it may caused by the virus that get into your eyes when you cycling. Besides, there maybe other particles get into your eyes. Or windy can also hurt my eyes. As for the vision problem, there have some dangerous risk, you can check if the cornea is broken in the process of sports. Under that circumstance, only doctor would help you.

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