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Are continuous wear contact lenses bad for your eyes?

I like contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. But my friend told me that continuous wear contact lenses is bad for our eyes. Is that true? I have worn contact lenses for about a year. Should i stop it?
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  • green


    Well, it seems that you are really into contact lenses, indeed, they are convenient and do not affect your looking. However, there are consequences you should know. Constant use of contact lenses would make your eyes dry, leading to red eyes and even infected eyes. Anyway, your eyes also need some time to rest and have a change. Yes, you should reduce to wear them, just wear glasses if necessary.
  • Josh


    Contact lenses,also called corneal contact lens, it worn directly on the eye cornea, for the corrected visual acuity. Usually they have the expired time which should not be over used. Too long time wearing of contact lenses will not be good for your eyes because there may exist the lack of oxygen for your eyes. It is a better way to wear the eyeglasses and contact lenses in turn. Or else, the continuous wear contact lenses may cause your eyes to be dry which may easily get infection.
  • Alexandra


    No, it really depends on how you take care of them, and it also have risk to wear that, remember every coin has two sides. Continuous wear contact lenses are designed to be worn for extended period of time. The length of time you wear continuous wear contact lenses varies based on individual prescriptions, which is usually running for seven days to one month. You do not need to clean them or take them out during that time. The primarily benefit is the ability to wake up in the middle of the night and still have perfect vision. However, it has a greater risk of infection due to you do not clean them daily and even not take off them.
  • Vilma Stack


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