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What is the difference between puffy eyes and eye bags?

I thought i was just get puffy eyes. But my sister say it is eye bags. What are the difference between puffy eyes and eye bags? Should we treat them differently?
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  • christy9589


    Genetic is regarded as one of the important factors in forming eye bags. It may become more and more serious with age. Besides, it parts because of protein with caramelization, which lead to skin aging and even the birth of eye bags. However, puffy eyes are called water vesicula optica. It is also because of congenital factor. If you are in this situation, what you can do is to make up to cover it. The other case is acquired disposition just like eye bags. No matter whether you got the congenital puffy eyes or acquired ones, they both can be healed through surgery. For eye bags, it is much easier to get a recovery. In common life, try to various vitamins like carrots, potatoes and animals' liver and guarantee enough sleeps. Do eye exercises if the condition is promised.
  • Jacob adams


    The puffy eyes belong to the cause of trauma, such as the big heat or other damages. However, the eye bags may be the cause by the aging problems which are natural to be. The ways to treat the puffy eyes are different from that of eye bags. Using the medicine or the adopting things can treat the puffy eyes. But the eye bags need to be treated through the surgery.
  • califractal


    It's common for people to have eye puffiness or eye bags under the eyes, there are a number of factors can cause that. However, some people would confuse about eye puffiness and eye bags. Hence, there are a few major difference between the two can help you determine ways to distinguish them. Eye bags are created as the skin stretches and sags because loss of muscle tone, and fat accumulates beneath the eye socket. Eye puffiness is described as slightly swollen eyelids, sagging or excess skin and dark circle under the eyes. And the eye bags are displayed beneath the eye, while the eye puffiness is noted around the entire eye. On the other side, eye bags are a sign of increasing downward pressure and gravity on the upper lids, and the eye puffiness is a sign of aging, loose skin.