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How to get a small rock out of your eye?

I got a small rock into my eyes. It is really painful. How can i get it out of my eyes? Please give me some advices?
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  • Riley gary


    Almost all of us have had the experience that something fell in the eyes . On the occasion, do not rub your eyes. Rubbing the involved eye can cause more damage to the tissue. You can gently flush the eye with cool water. But always remember to wash your hands before touching your eyes , cause it may be give yourself an eye infection . If the object will be under the upper eyelid , take a wet piece of cloth and remove the floating particles . You can also get help from others to blow it . And remember never put anything sharp or hard in your eyes in attempt to get the rock out .Last ,you'd better go to a doctor if it becomes worse or irritable. You can get more help to click the Web:
  • crc32


    It is really disgusting that a small rock has gotten into your eyes. Don't worry and I have some nice ways to you about how to get it out of your eye without any damage to your eye. Firstly get the rock in the visible white part of the eye which can make the work easier. And do not make the rock slip to the pink or to your pupil which will do harm to them and make it more difficult to get it out of the eye. Take a piece of wet cloth and try to gently dab the rock and see if it can stick to the cloth. You can alternatively dip it in water to see if it will be washed out of the eye. And if the two ways don't work, you can try to get it out with your hands. But make sure that your hands are clean enough. All in all the best way is to see an eye doctor who is more professional to get any thing out of the eye.
  • camzron


    Don't use your hand to rub your eyes, because it is harmful and insanitary. What you should do is opening the eyelids, and find the small rock, then try to get it out of your eyes gently. If it doesn't work and you feel painful seriously, then you need go to see the doctor.