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Can liver problems cause blurred vision?

I heard that eye problem sometimes is a sign of liver problems. So, Can blurred vision a sign of liver problems? Any idea?
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  • Elijah walker


    Blurred vision can be caused by many problems, and sometimes, liver problems also can cause blurred vision. For I know that the symptoms and sign of liver disease include fatigue, blurred vision or distorted vision or seeing flashes of light and so on. If you have any problems above, tell it to your doctor for more suggestions.
  • Alexa murphy


    The reasons of blurred version are many thing, for example, inflammation, infection of virus and bacteria, strabismus and weak version. And I haven't heard that blurred vision is caused by liver problem. However, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, the liver problem can. So, i suggest you to see a doctor for the sake of your health.
  • b3autifulxlies


    As we all known, the liver plays an important role in many bodily functions from protein production and blood clotting to cholesterol, glucose and iron metabolism. So if there is something wrong with liver that must be a big confusion and problem. Blood sugar problems, immune disorders, abnormal absorption of fats, and metabolism problems are all symptoms of liver problems. Blurred vision is most commonly due to glaucoma, cataracts and photophobia. Liver has a deep side effect on blood and immune system, so blurred vision is possible to be caused by liver problems.