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Can swimming with your contact lenses on cause permanent eye damage?

Is it really bad for eyes to wear contact lenses when i swim? I just get red and pain eyes from that. Will it cause permanent eye damages? Any way can save my eyes right now?
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  • walkerpaul


    It is bad for eyes to wear contact lenses when you swim. Because eyes are easily infected with bacterium in the swimming pool, then you will feel painful and uncomfortable. But this kind of damage is not permanent. You should wear prescription swimming goggles instead of contact lenses. And you can use eyedrops to ease your pain.
  • Randy C


    Yes, it is bad for eyes to wear contact lenses when people swim. There once was a case that in the Britain, a girl swam with contact lenses. Later her eyes got infected by amoeba. As a result, her eyes are permanently blind. The rate of getting blind in this way is very low. However, water, soil and ordure pellet of animals contain many such amebic protozoa. we should try to avoid swimming, washing face and bathing with contact lenses. By the way, infecting with amebic protozoa are usually related to poor healthy condition of eyes. You'd better relax your eyes by taking off contact lenses for a while everyday and keep your eyes healthy.
  • cheryl


    I am afraid that it is really bad for eyes to wear contact lenses when you swim. There is no wonder that you have gotten red and pain eyes from that. Swimming with contact lenses on can make your eyes attacked by bacterial contamination. Eye infections, irritation and potentially sight-threatening conditions are all possible threatening consequences of swimming with contact lenses on. Contact lenses are not at all permitted to be exposed to water, especially water in swimming pool. Water in swimming pools are rich in countless viruses and dangerous microbes which can cause damage to the eye. To save your eyes, you are recommended to remove your contact lenses as soon as possible. You can wear daily disposable contact lenses whiling swimming and treatment from the eye doctor is strong recommended since your eyes are infected.
  • George Martin Jr


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