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Does acupuncture work for bulging eyes?

Is there any side effects of taking acupuncture? Will it lead to bulging eyes?
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  • Tracy


    Generally speaking, taking acupuncture has no side effects, but inappropriate operation may lead some bad results. For example, at the beginning of treatment, if pressing the needle for a short time, it may cause bleeding and after that it may lead to black eyes and bulging eyes.


    Yes, there are some side effects of taking acupuncture although it has many good sides on health of the eyes. You may get the blurry eye vision after taking acupuncture. What's worse, it may lead to your bulging eyes because of the malposition of ocular skeleton. You should not use much strength to do the acupuncture.
  • Mariah shelley


    Acupuncture is the best and useful treatment option in ancient China. The traditional medical Chinese doctor use distinctive silver needles to tie acupuncture points in your body, which is good to help with blood circle and qi in your body. It is mystical and prolong. According to the doctor of Chinese traditional medicine studies, acupuncture is hard to lead to other eye problems include bulging eyes.