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Can januvia cause blurred vision?

Can taking januvia lead to blurred vision? Or is any other side effects of januvia?
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  • Matthew baker


    Januvia is an oral diabetes medicine, and most people do not have serious side effects by using this medicine. While, for some people, januvia can cause cold sweats, blurred vision, coordination loss, disorientation and so on. If you have those side effects above, stop using januvia immediately and see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • walkbyfth


    Yes, taking januvia will lead to blurred vision. It is the phosphate which is a new type of diabetes dipeptide based peptidase 4 inhibitor. It can lift the body's own ability to reduce blood sugar level Januvia which is the first two DPP 4 inhibitors and drugs which approve drugs. However it will have many side effects on the whole body. The irritate containing in the medicine will stimulate the whole nerves in the body. You will have the dryness of the eyes after taking it. The dryness of the eyes will cause other eyes problems. The main obvious one is the blurred vision which will make you not see things clearly. You need to use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and make the eyes feel comfortable. If you get the blurred vision, you could also find the hot water and clean cloth to do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and see clearly. You should not ignore such symptom which will be so important for the health of the whole body. You'd better eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • Alexa murphy


    Well, yes, januvia can just lead to blurry vision. So you should be careful about it. Generally speaking, januvia is a prescription medication used to treat type 2 diabetes, which is a chronic disorder that has an effect on the way the body metabolizes glucose. And according to some experts,, there are some side effects because of taking it. For example, headache, infection of the upper respiratory tract, runny nose, sore throat, and stomach pain can be possible. Also, it can just affect your eyes, leading to dizziness, blurred vision too. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.

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