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Logan hall


Can botox cause blurred vision?

Is it possible to get blurred vision due to receive botox? Is there any other side effects of blurred vision?
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  • Savannah taylor


    Yes, it is. Because allergic to botox can cause a lot of problems, and blurred vision is one of them. Except that, the side effects of botox injection include muscle weakness, headache, pain, redness of eyes, dry eyes, itchy or watery eyes. If you have any uncomfortable feeling after taking botox injection, tell it to your doctor as soon as possible.
  • A.L


    I think you must have injected botox to prettify your face. In fact, it is possible to get blurred version from receiving botox. The reasons of blurred version are various, such as inflammation, infection of virus and bacteria, strabismus and weak version. Botox is a kind of bacteria, so it is very possible to get blurred version from botox. Botox usually grows in the anoxic environment. It can survive in the canned food and pickled food easily and it is one of the most dangerous toxin in the world. That's why many countries used to make weapons with it. However, botox has a kind of function that it can benumb muscle. So it is used in the cosmetic surgery. However, the side effect of it is that people can get headache, droopy eyelid or double version from it. I some women reflect that after the injection of botox, they get blurred vision. The best advice for you is to see a doctor and treat blurred version as soon as possible.
  • Aaron lewis


    The side effects of botulinum toxin ( boxtox) which are generally minor and temporary. Broadly speaking, botulinum toxin which has two major areas of side effects: paralysis of the wrong muscle group and allergic reaction. Blurred vision can be caused by many factors, such as blepharitis, eye irritation. So it is possible to get blurred vision because of botulinum toxin. Blurred vision can easily affect people's sight. That is, you may be easy to get glaucoma, cataracts and blindness.

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