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Can zinc deficiency cause dry eyes?

What the side effects if i am experience zinc deficiency? Is it possible lead to dry eyes? Any idea?
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  • John clark


    There are many side effects if you get the zinc deficiency which will be very possible for you to get dry eyes. Zinc deficiency is zinc intake metabolism or excretion disorder which is caused by the phenomenon of low zinc levels in the body. Nutritional zinc deficiency shows growth retardation low immunity, reducing the wound healing, slowly dermatitis, sexual appetite, taste abnormalities, geophagy dark adaptation and so on. The zinc is so important for the whole body because it has many effects on the health. It can promote the body's growth and development. Secondly, it can maintain the body's normal appetite. In addition, it can improve human immunity. The fourth way is to keep the normal male reproductive function. It can also promote the healing of the wound or trauma. Eye problems are the most common organ. The zinc and the zinc content of choroid and retina is in the eyes of most organizations. So the eye is sensitive to the lack of zinc. The zinc deficiency can lead to night blindness. The serious problem can cause keratitis. In addition, zinc plays a role in axoplasmic transport and for maintaining the DVDS and neural function which is indispensable when zinc lacks the nerve axon function. Thus the zinc deficiency can easily cause the dry eyes.
  • Miranda clark


    Well, in reality, zinc deficiency is quite a normal phenomenon and it's possible to lead to dry eyes and other side effects as well. Generally speaking, zinc is responsible for vitamin A, so with zinc deficiency we will experience deficiency of vitamin A, too. Bedsides dry eyes, it will cause even more problems with mucuos membranes, eye surface and problems with seeing without light. In addition, a long-term zinc deficiency will cause diarrhea, which will cause us to lost even more zinc. To treat it, you can take some foods which are rich in zinc such as oysters, a good dinner made of them contains sometimes 100x of a recommended zinc dose. Besides, fishes and some other vegetables will also be helped. The last notice, zinc is also excellent weapon against any kind of viral infections. Together with the vitamin C, they can cure some ohter diseases as well.
  • cant_let_him_go


    Well, yes, zinc deficiency can just lead to dry eyes in some degree. Generally speaking, Zinc is an important mineral required for a number of bodily functions involving energy and metabolism. First, you should know that one of its most important functions is to support our immune system. So that it can protect us from pathogens, infections, and disease. So when you suffer zinc deficiency, it will just cause many other problems. For example, it can just affect your eyes, leading to dry eyes, eye infection, even vision loss. Also, People with zinc deficiency can experience hearing loss, susceptibility to infections, hair loss, appetite and weight loss, dry skin, and anemia. That can be very dangerous. To treat it, you can just obtain zinc from dietary sources, such as peanuts and beef or lamb. Also, using zinc supplements if your diet does not provide adequate levels of zinc.