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Robert ja


What is the best way to lower eye pressure?

Do you know any good idea to treat people with high eye pressure? Can you give me some suggestion to lower eye pressure? Thanks.
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  • Trinity


    There are natural ways to help reduce eye pressure. You’d bettter follow all methods in a diligent and consistent manner in order to reap the best results.1) Drinking small amounts of water throughout the day will help to lower your eye pressure,but do not drink too much. 2) You can do some breathing exercises to reduce your stress level.3) Drinking more tea replace coffee cause the former contains lower caffeine amounts and it's also rich in eye-healthy antioxidants.4) Aerobic exercise lowers intraocular pressure and may also improve blood flow to your retina and optic nerve, but do not do head-down yoga positions or stretches,which will raise eye pressure.
  • abbyabbie


    1.Drink small amounts of fluids throughout the day to help keep eye pressure low. Avoid drinking large amounts of liquid throughout the day because this may increase eye pressure. 2.Eat a healthy diet complete with plenty of fruits and vegetables. 3.Consult with your doctor about laser surgery if medication has not lowered eye pressure within a few months. 4.Do some relative exercise.
  • coppercoconut19


    Keeping a healthy lifestyle can help a lot to lower eye pressure. Firstly, you can do some eye exercises everyday and never work too late. Secondly, a good eating habit is beneficial to our eyes. You'd better take food that contained Vitamin C and E, such as fruit and vegetables. Finally, keeping a good mood is also very important.

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