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What are suitable sunglasses for white skin tone?

I have a fine and white skin. What type of sunglasses will look good on me ?
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  • Miranda clark


    Blue, pink, plum, magenta, tortoise, green, silver and black frames or lenses may look best on you, since your skin is white. Generally speaking, you should first make sure if your skin is warm or cool which is the standard for choosing the color of glasses. The color wheel from will show you which colors are considered cool and which are considered warm. You may click the website to have a look. Besides, you should also take the color of your hair into account which may influence your final determination.
  • Cathy


    It's very easy for you to select suitable sunglasses considering your white skin tone. I strongly recommend you to choose a pair of sunglasses with bright-colored frame such as red and royal blue which are very fashionable colors in this year and brown lenses. This kind of bright color frame will make you impressive and charming. With the brown lenses, your beautiful eyes can be showed subtly. This can increase your attraction.
  • Angela tuener


    Wow, I'm a little envy you as you have fine and white skin, because my skin tone is a little dark. I guess any color will look good on your face. But you may want to find the best one. There is something different which generate by different colors. Red makes you have the feeling of security and a sense of power. If you want to look cool and confident, orange may be the best choice. Yellow makes you feel happy and have a sense of mental clarity. If you want to low down the high pressure and tension, sunglasses of dark green, blue or indigo will make it happen. Personally, I think violet is very good on white beauties, it makes them look grace. If you are going to wear sunglasses when you are driving, you should choose sunglasses do not affect the colors you see on the traffic lights, so dark brown may be the best one.
  • Bruce Robot


    When you choose sunglasses you should consider whether they have enough depth to the color of the lenses. Experientially dark gray is better, followed by dark brown, black, blue and purple. The last two color lenses allow entering more ultraviolet. In addition, selecting what kind of sunglasses depends on your normal wear and different clothing requires different styles. The final choice depends on your personal preferences and personality. If your skin is white, brown and pink are a good choice!

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