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Does cucumber work for eye bags, dark circles?

I have a little eye bags and also dark circles. It make me look older than my actually age. What can i do to reduce them? My friend suggest me apply cucumber circles on the eyes. Does it work?
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  • Ethan walker


    Cucumber contain rich vitamin B and 5 percent water. They are good foods for healthy and also good beauty care products. Putting cucumber slice on the eye socket can reduce puffiness and dark circles. So, you can try to use cucumber to reduce dark eye circles. To reduce the eye bags and dark circles, you can also use a stick a spoon in the fridge for a couple of minutes everyday. Hope this can help you. Good luck.
  • Joshua?


    Yes, cucumber is good beauty products that also apply for the eyes. Place your eyes with cucumber slice everyday can reduce the dark circles. And this is world-wide treatment for dark circles. As for the eye bags, cucumber slice can be helpful, but they are not obvious help eye bag. You shall also massage your the skin around the eyes to help blood circulation so as to get rid of eye bags.