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Brook Park


What helps eye strain?

I often suffered from eye strain accompanied with red eyes. It is really troublesome. Can you tell me how to reduce my eye strain? Any idea?
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  • elblancodiablo


    People get eye strain commonly, here are some ways to relieve your eye strain, and I do hope they can help you. You can let your eyes take a rest after you have read or worked too long, also you can overlook the distance, but I will give you a warning, because switching between different distances rapidly can hasten the strain as well. In addition, if your eyes strain for no reason and you are in this situation a long time, you'd better see a doctor to check if you have vision problems such as myopia. If so, you may treat your eyes with lasik surgery or corrective lenses.
  • Mark


    There are many ways to cause eye strain, here are some common activities that can cause eye strain include: a long time playing computer games, reading or watching television too much, driving a long distance and so on. If you get eye strain because of one of the condition above, you should choose the way you like, and let your eyes take a rest. I hope this may help you and relieve your eye strain.

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