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Are contacts supposed to burn for wearing long time?

My eyes feel burning at evening after wearing contacts for a whole day. Is this normal? Are people supposed to get burning eyes after long time wearing contact lenses? Why?
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  • eden540


    From your description, you'd better not wear contact lenses any more. You shall know that it is risk to wear contact lenses such as eye infection and cornea scratching. Also, you shall know, that you are not suggested to wear contact lenses to see computer screen and TV screen. Besides, staying in an environment of high temperature with wearing eyeglasses is also dangerous to the eyes. If you experience the above condition, you'd better not wear contact lenses anymore. And right now, you shall take off our contact lenses and apply some eye drops to help your eyes.
  • elmo01


    If you are the first time to wear the contacts, it is normal to appear this situation, then you should wear them a few hours on its first day and begin to increase the hours as day goes by. However, if you have been wearing them for a long time, and your eyes get burning, you'd better take off them until you are back to healthy again. In fact, contacts will not burn your eyes, the reason why you get this is that you don't use them in a right way, such as putting them in water. What you should do is to make sure that they are in contact lenses solution.
  • Rebecca


    Your eyes need oxygen to stay healthy. Contact lenses are made of different kinds of materials that allow differing amounts of oxygen to get through. If you wear contact lenses for a long time, it will lake of oxygen, then your eyes will be irritated. So it is suggested that you can wear contacts for 8 hours a day. Hope this helpful.
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