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How to get rid of white bumps on eyelids

I have got a few white bumps on my eyelids. What are they? How can i remove it. Please help.
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  • Gabriel peters


    So far, i still can't tell you what are the white bumps on eyelids from your description. In common, a bump is caused by clogging and inflammation of the oil glands present on the eyelid. And some bumps may feel painful depends on the causes. If your white bumps on the eyelids are painful or itchy etc, it may caused by eye infections. And you shall not squeeze the bump, and let it break by itself with the time.
  • eddy


    The white bumps on eyelids probably result of residual eye makeup products. Also, it may caused by eye infection. Are you feel pain with the white bumps. If you don't feel pain, it is not a big problems, the white bumps will gone themselves with the time. But also, you shall remember remove your eye makeup everyday before you go to bed. Good luck.