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Jason warren


Do uv contact lenses exist?

Does anyone know if there are contact lenses that offer UV protection like sunglasses? I just want one pair to wear when i go out.
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  • Elijah walker


    Some popular contact lenses such as Acuvue Oasys are now being manufactured with UV protection, that greatly reduce the effects damaging UV rays would have on your eyes. But they can only cover the part of eyes. The skin around your eyes are not protected. They can't do the work as your sunglasses do. It is still recommended to wearing standard sunglasses additional to your UV-protection contacts.
  • Alexander


    Yes, there is. And that kind of contact will make you quite stand out in the crowd. UV contact lenses adopt special dye that will become quite bright under UV lights. They can not only protect your eyes from UV lights, but also make you look cool, attractive in any situations. Most UV lenses just look like regular coloured contacts during the day. Besides, there are various colors and styles to choose. There is another thing I must say that UV contact lenses are completely safe just like any other coloured contact lens and there is no risk if you wear them correctly.
  • camzron


    Yes, UV contact lenses exist. Overall, the most important benefit of UV protection in contact lenses is that they can protect your eyes from the sun during times when you wouldn't normally be wearing sunglasses. It is convenient definitely, but ultra violet lens tints just can protect against 96% of Ultra-Violet damage, they only protect the area of your eye in which they're covering. However, sunglasses provide a plethora of other benefits that contact lenses can't provide. For example, when I go out with sunglasses, I feel less hot than it really does as the tinted lenses that provide me an atmosphere of dark color. But the UV contact lenses can not finish this. So, personally, I suggest you buy a pair of sunglasses instead of UV contact lenses. But if you still want UV contact lenses, you should pay attention to the UV mark.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Of course, there exists UV contact lenses. It is through the chemical raw materials monomer adding ultraviolet absorption material to block 99% harmful ultraviolet B and more than 80% of the ultraviolet A. Ultraviolet A injures eyes by corneal into intraocular so as to get eye disease, for example, cataract, snow blindness. Due to the contact lenses to eyeball, eliminate the framework mirror surrounding light leak, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor on various occasions. But invisible glasses does not cover around the eye tissues, transparent lens does not relieve the summer sunshine and strong glare in winter. So we advocate wear ultraviolet protective function of the sunglasses or sports protective transparent goggle. For they have better function of preventing ultraviolet ray and more safety to the eye health.
  • Logan


    Yes, there are UV contact lenses. As we know, sunglasses are made for UV blocking and can keep our eyes from the harm of sunlight. However, what most people don't know is that UV contact lenses also exist. The UV contact lenses are with the same function like sunglasses in UV rays blocking. What's more, they are more convenient, especially when you're doing outdoor activities. Therefore, I suggest you can buy a pair to wear when you wanna go out.
  • Christian george


    Yes, such as the BioMedics 1 Day lenses from CooperVision America. They are for myopic astigmatism, center thickness is just 0.07mm, low lens design, lens periphery flat design, and outer surface of the aspheric design, which all make the use more convenient and more comfortable wearing them. And of course they can block UV.

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