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How to tell if sunglasses are too small ?

I want to buy a pair of sunglasses. But i don't know how to choose the frame size. How can i tell if the sunglasses that i attended to buy online is too small?
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  • Andrew hill


    If you feel the sunglasses are too tight for you, it may be small for you. The lenses should cover your eyes. If it is small, you could adjust the size by changing the position at the nose pad. You'd better have the eyes exams which will give you the exact size of your eyes. Then you could buy the suitable size of sunglasses.
  • Dylan fergus


    comfortable degree, you can according to your own face to determine, if buying sunglasses online, just choose to compare normal online store Each pair of sunglasses has its size. The specifications of sunglasses can be divided by the width of the lens, the width of the frame, the bridge of the nose width and the inside width of lens. And sunglasses can be divided into the following specifications, size S, size M, and size L. If you are going to buy a pair of sunglasses online, First, you should know what size you wear. Second, you should contact the boss if his or her sunglasses are in normal size. At last. choose the pair that suits you best.
  • Jacqueline warren


    Well, don't worry. Generally, you can require the figures inside of the sunglasses temples from your online store merchants. Buying frame online, you need some basic figures of the frame including lens width, lens height, bridge distance and arm/temple length. Lens width and lens height, i.e. the measurements of the vertical and horizontal distance of the lens to fit you and improve the sight. Second, bridge distance is the distance between the two lenses, fitting your nose. The last measurement is the length of the whole parts hooking over the ears. Your personal best frame size can be obtained by measuring the dimensions of a comfortable pair of glasses that you already have by a metric ruler. Well, if it is your first time to have a pair of glasses, you can go into an eye office or retail location of eyeglasses, then you can get the figures. Good luck in your research.