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Can heart problems cause red eyes ?

I know that some eye problem can reflect our health condition. So, i just wan to know if heat problems cause red eyes? Or what does read eyes mean?
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  • Michael?


    Yes, there is no doubt that our eye health status can reflect our health condition. The eyes can give us glimpse signs of health problem like lupus provide, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. Because our body's systems are interconnected, it makes it possible to reflect those dieases in the vascular, nervous and immune system, among others, potentially leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment. Having a heart problem causes a deficiency of lutein, which is an antioxidant nutrient always linked to eye health. It helps to prevent eyes from the red eyes. The red eyes are always associated with glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, erection problems or high blood pressure. In safe side, you need to head to your doctor and have a thorough exam of your body.
  • Zoe murphy


    Yes, some eye problems will reflect the health condition. The heart problems will cause red eyes because of the intense nerves at the whole body. You need to use some eye drops to release it. At the same time, the home remedy of warm compress will also make your eyes feel comfortable. You should eat more food with vitamin C which will moisture your eyes.
  • Cameron smith


    No,heart problem won't cause red eyes. What is eye redness? Eye redness is the manifestation of enlarged or dilated blood vessels in the eyes. What are the causes of eye redness? 1.Eye diseases such as pink eye, dry eye, blepharitis, uveitis,acute angle-closure glaucoma, or corneal ulcer or infection of the eye. 2.injury in the eye or contacts lens wear 3.subconjunctival Hemorrhage or broke blood vessels 4.Allergies 5.high blood pressure Therefore, if you have red eyes, you may check if you are suffering from the problems above.
  • john bell


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