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How to get bigger brighter eyes naturally ?

I want to my eyes look bigger and brighter naturally. Is there any way that i can achieve it?
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  • eduardoroxmisox


    In order to make your eyes look bigger and brighter naturally, you could wear the colored contact lenses. There are many colors of the contact lenses you could choose. You could choose the suitable color. At the same time, you could also do the light eye make up to increase the beauty of the eyes.
  • b1ggy_13


    In general, bigger and brighter eyes are charming and attractive. So it is necessary to know some natural ways to make our eyes bigger and brighter. Besides, eyes are the window of our human being's heart, protecting our eyes is important. Frankly speaking, healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are helpful and useful. Here are some beneficial ways for you to consider: 1. As we all know, puffy eyes make our eyes smaller, so we 'd better get enough sleep to avoid puffy eyes. 2. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. It is harmful to our eyes. 3. Lead a sanitary life, and keep our eyes from infection. 4. Fruit and vegetables are beneficial to eyesight, so take more of them. 5. Avoid staying up and do not overusing eyes, especially watching computer for too long time.
  • J Bell


    Yes, these are some suggestions for you for achieving bigger and brighter eyes: 1. Get enough sleep every day. A lack of sleep may make your eyes swollen and appear smaller. 2.Stay in a good mood. When a person is smiling, the whole being is lightened up and turns bright. No eyes look good when the person is in distress or bitterness. 3.Colored contact lenses enlarge your eyes and make your eyes more shiny.Many celebrities wear contact lenses all the time just to make their eyes appear larger. 4.Wear proper make-up for your eyes. The right make-up for your eyes can dilate your eyes. Eyeliner can outline your eyes, while eye shadow can set your eyes off. 5.Cut your eyebrow into the right shape that goes well with your eyes and your face. 6.Apply right eye gel or lotion which can make the skin around your eyes look better.