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Can blurry vision be temporary ?

I get blurry vision after watching TV. Is this normal and temporarily? How can i reduce this discomfort?
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  • anderson


    If you watch tv for a long time, your eyes may get tired easily. That is why you get the blurry vision. It is normal and temporary if you use something to treat it. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the eyes and let the eyes be comfortable. The warm compress could also reduce your discomfort. You'd better have the good rest for the eyes which will be so important.
  • williams


    Get blurry vision after watching TV could be caused by watching TV for a long time and sit very close to the TV, your vision could be recover after have a rest for your eyes. While, you'd better abandon your bad habit of watching TV because it can developed to myopia if you watching TV very closely and for a long time day by day.
  • Neil


    Whether blurry vision is temporary depends on different situations. If your blood sugar is two low and your blurry vision is temporary when you feel a dizzy spell. But if you get viral conjunctivitis, your eyes must receive timely treatment because it can make eyesight go down and become unrecoverable. There are also some parturients get blurry vision after giving birth a child, they may lack of nutrition or other problem. And under the circumstances, I suggest to do to see a doctor. In short, pay attention to any problem of your eyes.
  • Cheryl Faye


    Regardless of whether hazy vision is brief relies upon various circumstances. In the event that your glucose is two low and your foggy vision is brief when you feel a bleary eyed spell. In any case, on the off chance that you get Help With Essay viral conjunctivitis, your eyes must get convenient treatment since it can make visual perception go down and end up plainly unrecoverable. There are likewise some parturients get foggy vision in the wake of conceiving an offspring a youngster, they may absence of nourishment or other issue. What's more, in light of the current situation, I propose to do to see a specialist. To put it plainly, focus on any issue of your eyes.