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Isabel fergus


Can eyelash glue make you blind ?

Can eyelash glue really bad to eyes? Will it possible lead to blind?
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  • Brook Park


    Yes, the eyelash glue will be bad for eyes which will be possible for you to get blindness because of the inner bad materials. If you put the eyelash glue in the eyes by mistake, you could just wash it out from the eyes with clean water and dry cloth. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to moisture the eyes and let eyes get comfortable.
  • Christopher giles


    Well, I need to say eyelash glue is one of the cosmetic items that I use daily. As for the possibility of blind, I think it must be a one in a million due to the incorrect way to wear or remove the fake eyelashes. So , just don't worry about that and learn how to get glue off of your eye lashes without tearing off your lashes. Firstly, soap and water can work great on softening the glue, especially when you have worn fake lashes more than several hours, which can loosen glue from the lash area. Similarly, you can choose olive oil or coconut oil to loosen in order to make removal easier. Then, use tweezers to tear off each fake eyelashes. Besides, you should not use too much glue a time and dab at the glue with some remover to remove it completely before your go to bed.
  • Kaylee tuener


    No, eyelashes glue won't make you blind. I once splashed some eyelash glue into my eyes, and it stings like crazy. I immediately rinsed it out with water. As a result, I didn't go blind. No damage was done to my eyes. I stayed safe and sound. My vision was not affected, either. Actually, companies usually test for accidents like that, especially for the products to be applied on such sensitive places like eyes. Therefore, don't worry. Just rinse it out of your eye when you have eyelash glue in your eye.
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