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How to get rid of a black eye quickly?

I just found I have got black eye and it makes me look so tired. How can i get rid of it quickly?
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  • garcia


    You can aplly ice to get rid of a black eye and help reduce swelling and pain. You should use ice for twenty minutes every hour for the first 24 hours. Never apply ice directly on your eyes. You'd better wrap it with a cloth and then place it around your black eyes. Keep doing this for the next few days untill you get rid of the black eyes. If it doesn't work, you can ask your doctor for advice. Good luck!
  • Gabriella rupert


    To fade away black eyes quickly, you can use ice bag or tea bag to cover your black eyes for a minutes. And the best way to solve black eyes is relax yourself and have a good sleep. In fact, if you want to get rid of black eyeglasses, If you also get help from some cosmetics. Use BB cream, eye shadow and foundation to help you cover your black eyes and give you a nice look.

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