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greg t


Can too much sugar make your eye twitch?

I hear somebody say eye twitching can be caused by too much sugar consumption. Really? Will i suffer eye twitching if i eat too much sugar?
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  • giles


    Too much sugar will cause the lack of vitamin B1 which may cause the propyl copper acid and lactic acid savings that are in the blood, nerve or digestive system in the organization. Thus it may inhibit choline b phthalein from changing into enzyme and the block b phthalein choline synthesis which may lead to optic nerve conduction obstacles. After the ball neuritis, it may results in impaired vision. About the twitching of eyes, only too much sugar in-take can cause that. Thus, if your eye sight is not well, you'd better eat less sugar.
  • Andrea


    To some extent, that is true. In the process of metabolism of sugar in one's body, it will produce plenty of acidic materials through absorb and consume the food, in which you may feel tired and your eye is twitched. And if intaking too much sugar, one may suffer from the loss of vitamin B. All in all, too much sugar does contribution to eye twitch and is not good to eyes.
  • Mona


    Yes, it could cause that. In general, people would have a healthy diet with vegetable and fruits as well as rice. There are various types of nutrition and vitamins in vegetable and fruits. And the beverage contains high quantity of sugar, candy and other snacks as well. If you couldn’t have a healthy diet, that is to say, you prefer beverage and snacks with much sugar. Your eyes could be twitching when your blood sugar level is too high, thus cause the muscles in the eye to constrict and twitch.