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Does wearing glasses change the shape of your face?

I often hear that people wearing too much eyeglasses change their face shape. Really? I am nearsighted and need wear eyeglasses. And i don't want to change the shape of my face. I am...worrying about it. Does wearing glasses really change the shape of your face?
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  • Edward White


    Of course not. Wearing the eyeglasses will not change the shape of your face which is usually born to be or be a little influenced by your life habit. However, the reason why many people say this is that the near sighted people look people a little smaller because of the prescription lenses. If they wear the contact lenses, the image they see will be almost the same as the normal people.
  • scott thielen


    Wearing glasses will not change the shape of your face however the shape of your glasses can make your face shape appear different. Choosing the right frame shape can make your facial shape appear more oval, round, heart or angular in shape.
  • b3st_deceptions


    It's strange to hear that the too much eyeglasses wearing will change face shape. The glasses wearing may cause the deformation of eyes ball but not the face shape. There are some suggestions for you to prevent such kind of situation come out. Please do not loop your face too tight by your eyeglasses' legs. Relax your eyes when you have time or no need to go work, you can do some massage on your nose bridge as well as eyes muscle. If the face really changes the shape, you must check your glasses, is there anything wrong with the size of it or it is too heavy for your burden. You can pick up one lighter frame and resin lenses glasses, even change to wear contacts lenses. Then what you worried will disappear.
  • pineny


    NO, glasses do not change the shape of our face. The fact that everyone still growing is whats making their shape change. I have been wearing glasses for about many years now and my face has not changed do wearing them.

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