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Luis lewis


What causes eye bags and dark circles under eyes?

In recent days, there are eye bags and dark circles come out of my eyes. What caused that? Is there any way to help me reduce that?
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  • Kimberly


    Usually, the eye bags and dark circles are caused by the unhealthy blood circulation, lack of sleep and so on. The lack of sleep may decline the whole body immune system which will indirectly causes the blood stagnation that causes the toxin precipitation under the eye skins. That is how the eye bags and dark circles come out. You'd better have a good rest and use the hot cloth to cover on the eyes to increase the speed of circulation around the eyes.
  • Alisa O.


    Dark circles and bags under the eyes are a common eye problem. Because the skin around the eye is the thinnest and the most delicate section of skin on the body, the blood vessels could be seen underneath. There are a few reasons why people have dark circles or bags or both. Firstly, too much pigment is being produced around the eye area to cause dark circles under the eyes. And eye allergies or irritation could cause darkness under the eyes. Or too much sun exposure would cause pigment production to enhance to lead to dark circles under the eyes. On the other side, aging is the common reason for causing the thinnest skin to lose elasticity and the blood vessels to show more visibly. Additionally, poor diet, smoking and lack of sleep are also factors that could contribute to dark circles and bags under th eyes.
  • Brook Park


    Simply, it can be said that the outcome of eye bags and dark circles mainly contains two kinds of reasons. One is, your congenital liver function is not good, the other is the long-term unreasonable routines. As you describe, you are only suffer eye bags and dark circles now, so you can be blamed on the latter. So, you'd better change your way of life, and make a reasonable timetable. In addition, you can also try to some external measures to improve the symptoms. Such as, drink more water, and ensure body waste discharge effectively. Meanwhile, you can also try the apple slice to apply eyes, and if you go on like this ,you will benefit a lot.