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Mackenzie rose


What kind of contact lenses can treat ptosis?

I have ptosis. What type of contact lenses can i wear to help my ptosis?
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  • charming_qtee


    With the increase of age, living habits and working environment factors, the person in middle-aged will have the palpebral relaxation phenomenon, like that the upper eyelid skin is flabby. Person with light ptosis may cover part of the pupil, while the serious one with the pupil all been covered which may have the hindrance to the refined and affect vision. However, wearing the contact lenses may not be helpful to the ptosis. Instead, it will make the ptosis more series because of the wearing way which may loose the eyes surrounding skins.
  • rommel abad


    Ptosis is usually use to describe drooping of the eyelid. So, i can't tell what type of contact lenses will help such situation. In fact, i think it is impossible to help Ptosis with contact lenses. If you want to treat Ptosis, you can take some medications, surgery and to help you. Hope this help you. Good luck.

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