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How to stop my eyes itching from hay fever?

I got a cold and get hay fever. And now i feel eye itches. Is that caused by hay fever? How can i stop it? It is really painful. Please help.
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  • Jade james


    Hay fever can cause infection of eyes, one of its typical symptoms is eye itching, thus your eyes would be bloodshot and itchy. Hence, you should wear sunglasses to prevent any direct contact from the pollen to your eyes. Or you should wear goggles to make it work more effectively. And remember not using your hands to touch your eyes, even they are clean. At the same time, you should keep your place clean to avoid dusts. Additionally, you can try some eye drops within hormone to relieve eye itching.
  • Savannah percy


    I am sorry to hear that. It is really painful to get itching eyes because of hay fever. I have suffered from Rhinitis which is like to hay fever and my eyes got pink and itches at that time. I listen to my friend's advices and reduces that symptoms: I bought a pair of dark coloured shades to protect my eyes from light and glares. And try to not go out too much. You can also use cold compress on your eyes. Though it is simple. It is work in some way. Hope you can recover soon. Good luck.

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