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Theresa M


What is home remedy for bacterial infection of the eye?

If I get bacterial infection in the eye and the problem is quite serious before i can see doctor, what is the home remedy I can do for it?
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  • walkinginlight


    Home remedy for bacterial infection of the eye should be used for minor infections after consulting with a qualified doctor to avoid chances of aggravation. Still, proper diagnosis also need to help you determine the condition to rule out the possibility of any serious disease. Eyebright herb is one of the best natural remedies for bacterial infection of eyes. If you take eyebright tea, tincture or liquid extract, or use a light mixture as eye wash about 3-4 times in a day. Besides, using aloe vera juice as eyewash is a highly beneficial natural cure for Eye Infections. It will helpful for in healing style.
  • walkintothewall


    One of the effective ways for bacterial eye infection is applying warm compresses. Just place the warm compresses dipped with chamomile oil over your eyes for several times a day. Aplly aloe vera juice as eyewash to help treat your bacterial eye infection is a highly effective way. Or you can also use a piece of cloth to soak in the juice and then place it on your eyes. Warm tea bags are often used by many peole to deal with eye infections, too. You can try all of this to find out the most effective way to deal with the bacterial eye infection.

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