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Can mascara cause blurred vision?

After using mascara, i get blurred vision. Why? Can mascara cause blurred vision?
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  • Trinity


    When I learned how to make up, I always use mascara with the immature way. So blurred vision always occurred. It's quite normal. The mascara get into eyes by chance, then our eyes start to react. And discomfort appear as the form of blurred eyes. You need to clean your eyes immediately when you get blurred eyes. Then using artificial tears to relieving the uncomfortable eyes. This is the necessary session of making up. Never mind, it won't be that much harmful.
  • Jack percy


    Generally speaking, it's possible for us to get blurred vision after using mascara in fact. Because the mascara is made of chemical objects, inevitably, which is harmful to our eyes if you get it into your eyes by accident. Especial for some mascaras with a poor quality can even make our eyes to be infected. In some serious situation, it can give rise to blurred vision as well as some eye diseases just like pink eyes, dry eyes, and sore eyes and so on. When you have strange feeling such as blurred vision, it is strongly suggested that we should not ignore this problem. You are supposed to wash your eyes as soon as possible, and then drop some eye drops so that they can relieve the symptoms. If the symptom is still exist or get even worse, you'd better see a doctor to receive a professional check as soon as possible.
  • Rick Johnson


    Yes, mascara is one kind of eye makeup and it can cause blurred vision. If you use too much mascara, you eyes may be irritated. What's more, if you use cheap mascara, the quality is not good, it can attract something poluted in your eyes.You just pay attention to mascara you are using.

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