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1.5 index lens

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  • I have a question about lens. While I will be getting a prescription shortly, I already know from past experience that the prescription is always high due to extreme nearsightedness. I realize that special glasses like sunglasses, polarized and bifocals are extra. But what about single vision, but high prescription lens? Can I choose the 1.5 index even if it results in thicker or bigger glasses to avoid the charge? I am on a very limited income, which is why I am considering buying glasses online. And I would like to know before I go to the eye doctor whether it's cheaper to do it through net or to just get it from them.
    In Glasses -Asked by : Anna -1 answers -04/16/2012
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  • My current lens is standard 1.5 and they are a little thick for me, about .5 inches thick. I am thinking of 1.57 index, Can anyone give me a little perspective on this matter or how much will it be thinner than 1.5 index lens?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Richard -2 answers -05/16/2012
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  • I just bought standard 1.5 index lens but I think they are a little thick for me. I wonder if I can make it thinner by upgrade it to 1.7 index without replacing the lenses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Brandon -2 answers -05/15/2012
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