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What would cause a blister on the sclera of the eye?

I suffer blister on the sclera of the eye. I feel so bad. Do you know what causes it? How can i treat it?
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  • walker8016


    Those who spend a lot of time outdoors without proper sun protection for the eyes are likely to suffer blister. And allergens like dust or pollen can also give rise to eye blister. Rest your eyes as much as possible and do not strain your eyes. Avoid reading or watching TV for a long time, otherwise, it takes a longer time to heal the blister. Drip some lubricating eye drops to relieve it. When you go outside, wear sunglasses to avoid your eyes exposed to the strong sunlight. In daily life, you should wash your hands often and try not to rub your eyes with your hands.
  • walkingrain


    Your blister on the sclera of the eyes may be caused by the lymphangiectasis which will make you feel so uncomfortable. You could use the warm compress often to treat it. If it is light, it will be cured fully. If it is heavy, you could use the anti-inflammation treatment to reduce it. You should keep on using these treatments and not drink or smoke during this time which may intensify the symptom.

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