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Noah james


Are the eyes connected to the liver ?

I read somewhere that people with yellow eyes may have liver problem. So, i just want to know if eyes connected to the liver?
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  • eduardoroxmisox


    From what I know, it is true that your liver has got something to do with your eyes. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine , the liver supports the function of your eyes, which holds a great stake of your eye health. So, you also have to take care of your liver and not to harm it. Every part of your body has its purpose of existance, just try to pay attention to your health as much as possible.
  • Mariah ja


    Yes, eyes are connected to the liver closely as they are connected to the liver meridian. The reason why we can see clearly is that the blood stored in the liver supplies the nourishment of the eyes. The liver is responsible for storing and regulating blood flow. When one moves or does some exercises, the blood flows through the other part of the body from the liver to provide energy and it flows back to be stored when one rests. If there is not sufficient blood available in the liver, our eyes do not enjoy adequate nourishment and become rough and dry. Insufficient liver blood also can lead to blurred vision and liver disorders such as jaundice can manifest itself in the eyes like yellow eyes.
  • edward


    Eyes are the important parts for the whole body. When you have any problems in the body health, there may be the symptom in the eyes, especially the color of the eyes. Actually when you have the liver problems, you may have the yellow eyes. The eyes are connected to the liver. The eyes, nose and throat are also connected with each other. Thus, protecting your eyes is such an important thing.