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What do old contact lenses feel like ?

Have worn old contact lenses? What does it feel like? Is it bad to eyes?
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  • crazyforluke


    Some people do think old contact lenses may have no difference with the lenses in their valid time.However they do have difference.And if you wear the overdue lenses,your eyes would be harmed in a long run. There are daily contact lenses,weekly lenses,bi-weekly lenses,monthly lenses,yearly lenses or semi-yearly lenses.The difference is on the materials.Just like the guarantee period of food. So more details are no need to explain.I suggest you to wear lenses with a long guarantee.
  • Josh


    As we know, the contact lenses will have the expired time which means that you need to wear within this period. Or else, your eyes are not suitable to wear them. Wearing the old contact lenses will be bad for your eyes. Your eyes will easily be dry. You will feel uncomfortable at the eyes. Your eyes may even get the infection. Thus, you'd better change the new contact lenses.
  • Kelly


    Well, first, I have to say that it is dangerous to wear old contact lenses. And also, it will just hurt your eyes. According to some experts, old contact lenses can contain a lot of virus, and bacteria. And in that way, it will just cause some eye problems. For example, it is possible to cause styes when you wear old contact lenses, for wearing old contact lenses may make your eyes infected. And then, it is easy for your eyes to have styes. Also, watery eyes, pain, tenderness, itching, or redness can be possible too. So in my opinion, you are not supposed to wear old contact lenses.
  • Ina Cousens


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