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Alexander green


Can flu cause swollen eyelids?

I heard that flu can lead to swollen eyelid. Really? how can i prevent it?
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  • Kevin


    It depends, situations differ from people to people. But swollen eyes belong to the symptoms of flu. If you are the type of person who are easily get swollen eyes.Then you would get them because of flu. Make some simple lifestyle changes to alleviate swollen eyes. Increase your daily fluid intake, which helps reduce fluid retention in the body. Reducing stress will help with puffy eyes. Get the proper amount of sleep; sleeping on your back with your head elevated helps the drainage of fluid from around your eye area.
  • Saarah


    Ok, it is true that sometimes flu could give rise to swollen eyelids, and some other eye problems such as swollen eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, etc. Anyway, you should try not to get a flu and in the meantime, try to get some cold compressor if necessary, some vitamin pills and a healthy diet could also be necessary.
  • Michelle


    Well, yes, flu can lead to swollen eyes, so you need to be careful about it. Generally speaking, when you suffer from flu, it is possible to have eye infection. And then eye infection can lead to swollen eyes. At this moment, you should not touch your eyes, especially with the fingers which have touched other dirty things. Or it can just make your situation more serious. To prevent it, you can also try some strawberry jam and cool used tea bags. Anyway, just pay more attention to flu.

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