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Why do people wear swimming goggles ?

in recent years, i found that more and more people like to wear swimming goggles when they in pool. I just can't understand why?
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  • May Yong


    As a matter of fact, it's a very important step for people wear swimming goggles when they in pool. There is one reason, when you participate in outdoor swimming this visibility can be one of the trouble, especialy for the bright light. It is hard to see clear the water around more than others you have to deal with the reflection of the sun off the water. So you have to choose a special made or swim goggles which can block sunlight and can increase line of sight with a low profile so you can experience less resistance. Another one is avoiding infections. There are some bacterium getting into your eyes and irritates the eyes while swimming, goggles is a useful way to prevent these from our eyes. Therefore, you'd better wear goggles when you in pool.
  • garcia


    Swimming goggles are really fantastic stuff which enables you clearly see the things under water. They protect people's eyes at the same time. They do provide so much fun for people when they are under water. There are flat goggles, myopia goggles, etc. You can choose the one that suits you. Most importantly, goggles prevent lots of infections. As you know ,the water is really not that pure, it's full of bacterium. If people don't wear goggles when they swimming, they would probably get contagious.
  • Joshua?


    Hello, it is quite an easy question. Swimming goggles are used to protect the swimmer's eyes. Since when you swim, the water will come into your eyes, so your eyes may turn red and you will feel painful. What's more, the water in the swimming pool can be very dirty, it may cause inflammation in your eyes.