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Jada shelley


Can a dermatologist help with dark circles under eyes?

I suffer dark circles about half a year. How can i treat it? Can i get help from dermatologist?
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  • cthier


    Dark circles occur when people's blood circulation is bad, which makes dark circles are hard to recover . However more serious situation would be the capillaries under the skin around your eyes are totally broken.Then the dark circle couldn't get away for months. I think your situation is serious as the latter one. So you need to do more than just eat helpful food. Oil like tea tree oil , olive oil or walnut oil can promote blood circulation, so you can put them in your meals. Then massage the skin around your eyes with olive oil and vitamin E liquid twice a day. And you need to relax more,and avoid drinking water before sleep.
  • Melissa garcia


    The most typical causes of dark circles are fatigue, insufficient sleep and huge mental pressure, which lead to the obstructed blood circulation. Dark circles can also indicate the weakening renal function. If left aside, dark circle can be more and more serious, even can result in the flabby eyelid, wrinkle and aged skin. Under such circumstances, you should take ample rest and keep yourself relaxed in a good motion. And you should do appropriate amount of aerobic exercises to promote the blood circulation, hence helping get rid of dark circle. In addition, you can apply warm compresses over your eyes and do eye massage to reduce dark circles.