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Alexander david


Is pinguecula contagious?

Is it very bad to have pinguecula? Is it contagious? If so, Can you tell me how to reduce it?
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  • christy9589


    Pinguecula always cased by over exposure of cornea or the aging. It is a yellowish spot on the white of the eye. It is a slow-developing growth that rarely causes significant vision problems. As you can see,there is no serious harm, but it does make people lack of confidence. If your pinguecula causes dry or itchy eyes, artificial tears may be advised to relieve symptoms. On rare occasions, the pinguecula may become swollen, in which case an anti-inflammatory drug may be prescribed. By the way, you need sunglasses every time when you need to go out. Sunglasses can help you to prevent sunshine and toxic air, they keep you cool at the same time.
  • charming_qtee


    Well, Pinguecula can be contagious. And it can be serious when you get it. So just be careful when you have been got it. For example, you should avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands. Besides, pinguecula occurs on the lining covering the white part of the eye. When it occurs, elevated spots which may be white or yellow will appear near the eye corners. To treat it, according to some experts, you can just try some lubricating eye drops, which can be effective. Anyway, you can just have a try.
  • Adam peters


    It is not contagious. It is an alteration of normal tissue resulting in a deposit of protein and fat, hence manifesting a yellowish patch or bump on the white of the eye. It may be caused by the chronic eye irritation or sunlight. Under such circumstances, you can make use of prescribed artificial tears to ease the pain and some ointments to protect the eyes from irritants. In addition, to remove the pinguecula, you can receive a surgery treatment. Moreover, in your daily life, you should keep your hands clean by washing them often and do not rub your eyes with your hands as much as possible in case of germs contamination. When you go outside, you had better wear sunglasses to avoid exposing your eyes to the bright sunlight.