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Do red eyes always be the symptom for pink eye ?

My eyes are always red these days and I thought it was pink eyes and have been taking the eye drops for pink eyes for 4 days. But they are still red. Is it possible it could be something other than pink eye?
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  • Adam peters


    No, red eyes don't always indicate pink eye. if the eyes are itchy, it is probably allergies. If they are watering profusely and glassy, it may be viral. You need go to your doctor and have a recheck.
  • evet


    The redness of the eyes is the main symptom for the pink eyes. However the redness can also be the symptom for the eye infection. You need to go to see the doctor to have a full check on the eyes to see whether it is the pink eye. If it is, you need to stay at home to have the treatment to cure the invisible bacterium in the eyes. You need to treat the eyes carefully.