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Cassidy bell


Can rosacea affect my eyes? and how?

Is it likely that rosacea can affect your eyes? How does that happen?
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  • Debbie Morton


    Ocular rosacea can get you an eye inflammation very easily. And it mostly happens to women. In most cases, it not only affects your eyes but also your facial skin as well as your chest. You need to pay more attention to this. Generally speaking, people with rosacea usually have very red faces and red noses. Sometimes you even can' t realize when you get this. Usually, this is just treated as common red eyes, dry eyes or some kind of allergy. But if you don' t cure it in time, you may get corneal ulcer, sounds not good, huh?
  • walkingalone089


    Yes. In some patient of rosacea, the eyes are also affected. Usually, the eyes affected by rosacea are likely to appear watering or bloodshot etc. Besides, still some patient suffered from blurry vision. Apart from the eyes, the eyelids also may also be infected and appear red and swollen. It make the eyelids look like styes. To some serious cases, it can cause corneal damages and even some loss of vision. So. if you suffered from rosacea, see a doctor and treat it immediately.

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