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How to make my eyes less glassy?

Is there a way to make my eyes less glassy? How to do it?
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  • Christian george


    To make your eyes look better, you can try to use eye drops to make the eyes less foggy. I heard that there is a type of special eye drops that are made for cleaning eyes that make it look more white. Maybe that would help. Besides, you can wear colored contact lenses that can make the eyes look brighter and bigger. It is really a good way to help you achieve beautiful eyes.


    Go and try some mild eye drops, I am sure that will help. I know that glassy eyes can confuse you a lot but I think you had better find the real reasons that make your eyes so glassy. An eye infection? Some kind of eye disease? Whatever, only by finding the real reasons can you solve your problems. How about taking an eye exam? I am sure that will do you a favor.